Dowding Machining LLC is a high quality machining solutions provider, with the following equipment to perform your machining requirements:

PT 1800 Boring Mill

Vertical machine capabilities with turn table and sine plate for greater range in capabilities.

U-5 Bridge Mill

Full 5-Axis, 5 sided cutting capabilities

HMC 1250

High speed spindle for fast cutting of aluminum, two pallet shuttle for increased efficiency.

Can provide welded structures and assembly in conjunction with other affiliates.

Boring Mill Precision Machining HMC 1250


Core Team Experience

Searching for and employing the best people has been the foundation of Dowding Machining. Our core team consists of six machinists who have a combined total of 95 years experience (two have 20 years and three have over 15 years of experience).
In addition to their years of experience, three of them are journeyman certified machinists, one is a journeyman certified tool and die maker, and four of them have experience with parts in excess of 50,000 lbs. -moving and rigging for multiple set ups. Three of them have experience with large dimensional fixtures, jig and tools -In excess of 20 feet in length 15 feet in width. Four of them have more than twenty combined years of programming experience on large scale, multi-sided machined parts. They also all have experience with the size of machines we have and the controls utilized on our equipment.