New Technology

Dowding Technology Transfer

Capitalizing on our rich manufacturing history, Dowding is able to drive out costs through integration of our current automation and high production techniques used in our manufacturing plants and apply it today‚Äôs modern energy needs. This technology transfer will marry high performance automation to the wind industry resulting is lower cost components for our customers.
Large component machining- hubs, transmissions, main shafts:
The Dowding MAG team will design and develop specialized, dedicated, machining centers to reduce cycle times.
Automated Composite fiber components- blades, housings, towers:

The Dowding Mag team will automate the manufacturing process and bring new materials to market to meet the demands and needs of the wind turbine manufacturers.

Dowding has a superior skilled workforce. Our core team at DMC comes from several manufacturing arenas, has over 95 years of combined experience, and brings a diverse set of skills to compliment each other and provide high quality parts for our customers.
This team, coupled with our state of the art facility and equipment will be the standard of wind energy suppliers for years to come.

The Dowding plan

We have a five year, three phase, plan for commercialization of our new manufacturing technologies for wind industry components:
Overall investment will be $120 million in manufacturing technology for wind energy components, targeting supply and process constrained large machining and composite fiber components.
Phase I- Complete: $14mm private investment in the construction of a dedicated manufacturing facility for machining large components
Phase II- In Process: $50mm investment in R&D for special machine technology to improve throughput of four machined component groups (Hubs, bases, transmissions, main shafts) in conjunction with MAG Automation
Phase III- $95mm investment in composite fiber automation technology (based on funding, five year plan current) utilizing state of the art technologies developed by MAG Automation.